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Assistance from the Agence de l’Eau for the sprayer filling and washing areas

Publié le Published February 25, 2011

Because the filling and washing of phytosanitary product sprayers can be a point source of pollution for the natural environment, l’Agence de l’eau adapts its financing.

L'Agence de l'eau assists individual projects for the creation of washing and filling areas for pesticide sprayer and the treatment of the polluted water from this, as well as the collective areas developed by the local authorities, agricultural cooperatives or traders for groupings of farmers.

The subsidies are destined for those farmers who develop their phytosanitary station on their own and the agricultural cooperatives, agricultural traders, municipalities or associations of municipalities in the scope of collective projects.

This financial assistance is based on the development of studies and diagnostics in order to choose the system best adapted to each project as well as the building and fitting of the station.

The Agence de l’eau provides 50% subbsidy for individual and collective projects. To this can be added subsidy from the Fonds Européen Agricole de Développement Rural (FEADER) or other financers within the limits of the ceilings fixed by European support for all public grants:

  • Individual stations: 75% on priority territories for pesticides and 60% elsewhere (information on the priority territories available from DDT) ;
  • Collective stations: 80% over all the Rhône-Méditerranée and Corsica basins.

 If you need more detail on the management of phytosanitary effluents and the different existing and approved filling and washing areas.

For all further information, you can send an email to contact@censo-lavande.fr or contact your DDT.



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