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Filière des huiles essentielles françaises de lavande et lavandin

CENSO Lavande

An essential sector

From producer to user

The diagram below presents the organization of the lavender and lavandin sector.


The actions led by FranceAgriMer, en application of the policy of the Ministry of Agriculture, have made it possible to strengthen the economic organization. Today, we can consider that 60 % of the production of essential oil of lavender and lavandin comes from structured and organized groups of producers. The cooperatives and groups of producers make it possible to follow and structure the markets in order to ensure their durability.

Industrial sectors using essential oils

Essential oil of lavender: an « upmarket » product

Essential oil of lavender is used in a number of luxury and well-being industrial sectors: perfumery, aromatherapy, cosmetics.

Men’s perfumes use this noble raw material: « Pour un Homme » by Caron, Azzaro’s « Pure Lavender », « Eau Noire Cologne » by Dior, to name but a few.

The volume of lavender used in aromatherapy is increasing strongly ( + 15 % per year).

In the field of cosmetics and particularly aromachology, a number of firms use lavender for its multiple benefits. For example, l’Occitane markets on a worldwide basis a range of care products based on Haute-Provence AOP lavender.

The pharmaceutical industry also uses essential oil of lavender, for its calming and antiseptic properties.

Lavandin essential oil

Lavandin essential oil of is used in industrial perfumery. Its lower production cost justifies its use in household products. This production is mainly for washing powder manufacturers, perfumery only using a small part.

The biggest buyers are big international groups specialized in household cleaning products, hygiene and beauty. The essential oil is not necessarily used for « lavender » products: it has the property of masking the naturally unpleasant smells of washing powders.

Although some brands combine natural and synthetic products and even if the perfume is a sales point, lavandin essential oil is strongly rivaled by chemical products.

The home fragrances and room fresheners market (aerosols, candles, wicks, perfume burners, incense, etc.) on the other hand use perfume products with lavandin essential oil.

Most of the time, it is used externally in skin antiseptics for cleaning the skin and mucous membranes.


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