CENSO Lavande

Filière des huiles essentielles françaises de lavande et lavandin

CENSO Lavande

A natural and solidarity commitment


Farms can commit to the Censo approach by means of a form to be filled in and signed.

For farms, specifications based on the three pillars (social, economic and environmental) of the sustainable development approach are drafted.

An audit carried out by CIHEF makes it possible to check that the farmer is in compliance with the requirements of these specifications. 

The specifications are comprised of:

  • Compulsory points: for the farmer to be in compliance with the specifications, 100 % of the said compulsory points must be met.
    For example : recording crop practices
  • Progress points: the different points are discussed with the farmer during the audits. A follow-up of these points is also carried out.
    For example: knowledge of the protected species in the municipalities where the parcels are located.

The producer must also commit to an optional measure for the next 3 years:    

  • Either chemical furrow-weeding and mechanical inter-furrow weeding,
  • Or replacing mineral fertilizers by organic fertilizers,
  • Or a higher percentage of healthy plants than that required by the specifications.

In order to guarantee traceability, each committed and compliant farmer must fill in a sheet for the traceability of essential oils, which summarizes the essential information for a good respect of traceability, with specifically:

  • The producer’s member number with CIHEF
  • The distillery’s member number with the Fédération Nationales des Distillateurs
  • The numbering of each vat
  • The type of essential oil (lavender or lavandin)
  • The variety
  • The net weight per type of container
  • Oil distillation dates
  • the future of the essential oil

Material reports are made during each marketing campaign by CIHEF. Additional verifications can be carried out.


the participation of

France AgriMer

Comité Interprofessionnel des Huiles Essentielles Françaises

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Comité Interprofessionnel des Huiles Essentielles Françaises
Les Quintrands - Route de Volx 04100 Manosque
Tél. : 04 92 87 38 09